God Is a Salesman


Picked this book up a few days ago and started  to read. The concept is centered around the fact that in a world where we need proof and trial studies and perfomance data, we take the idea of a God without any of these things.

The author’s point of view is that for God to be able to have that many followers with so little in the way of actual “stuff” to show, God has to be the best salesman out there. Since in our lives we find ourselves always selling something, we should take some pointers from God and let the observations influence the way we live and express our lives.

I’m about halfway through and have to say that I am enjoying the book. It’s not a blockbuster, but it’s small size gives you the “light at the end of the tunnel” to keep you motivated to finish.

I intend to utilize many of the ideas listed in the book.

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