The Gift of Hope

A lot has been said recently about the topic of Hope. It has been used by political figures to define either what they feel American people want or what American people need. I think the answer is both – we want and need hope. The human being was designed to live in an atmosphere of hope; to constantly be looking for the good positive and beautiful. The resource of this hope is not, I believe, a political figure. Although a person can embody a feeling of Hope, the action of believing and working for Hope lies in the person themselves.

Once Hope has been born within a person, there is not much that can cause it to go and leave. Hope is infectious and contagious – it passes from person to person with ease. Because we have a desire for it – Hope comes to us like a magnet.

It is true that Hope is a gift. A gift can be given and received; Hope has to be either given or received, if it is not it is simply belief. Hope is much stronger than belief; Hope goes beyond mere belief. Hope invades the person and pushes them to think further and do more. Hope energizes and invigorates a person to greatness and great things.

Hope lets us see how things can be and instead of dreaming with a big smile on our face, we are enable to make it happen.

May your day be filled with a passionate Hope both for yourself and for those around you.

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