Many times we live our lives with a focus on the “present”. We live in the “now”. I think that it is important to have a balanced approach to the life we live. I also think that in turning out focus to the present we tend to lose sight of the future. I am most definitly a futurist. I like to poder and think about the things that are coming. I love to examine current culture and try to determine where trends are going. In this effort I have been successful, but have also missed some big things.

The point of today is simply to look ahead and have a plan. We need to decide what we want to “become” and then plan our “becoming”. If we live in a happenstance way, we risk missing some of the wonderful experiences of life. To have a plan, execute it and see the things that once only existed in your mind suddenly be the things you are seeing with your eyes is a great moment. The pleasure and confidence that are created when we plan, pursue and produce an idea can only be understood in the “doing”.

These are the experiences and feelings God desires us to entertain and feel. In the creation of a plan and its execution, we join with the Creator and can, in a small way, experience with him the joy of creativity. Don’t say you can’t do it, start today to make your tomorrows “become” and not just “happen”. 

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