Good Lord


There is more to God being in charge than just Jesus sitting on a throne. It is true that He is the Magnificent King, but what did it mean then – when it was written? To say “Lord”, was a political statement. One for a deity[Jesus] and against Caesar, the accepted deity of the time, who also happened to be king and supreme ruler. When the followers of Jesus proclaimed that he was “Lord”, they were tempting fate and their future as living people. To go against Caesar was to put your life in jeopardy.

An interesting side note is that Jesus says, that not all those who say “Lord, Lord” will enter into the Kingdom [there it is again]. In essence saying that those who put themselves at personal risk by aligning with Jesus aren’t guaranteed a free pass. This idea makes the concept of The Kingdom even a greater one that needs discovery. It in fact makes The Kingdom….greater.

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