What is the Kingdom?

No way am I going to try to completly answer this question. I just want to add some thoughts to it. When we discuss “the Kingdom”, what are we really talking about? Christians tend to talk about heaven and the after-life when the topic of the Kingdom is brought up. I’m not going to necessarily object to that, but I do thing there is more to it.

Again, pages and pages could be devoted to this issue alone, but there is a concern that I have. What if we have missed a central area and traded it for a fringe theory? I believe that the calling we have been asked for by Christ consumes much more than just the after-life. I think it is also more than just getting people ready to go to heaven.

Many of our modernistic approaches to Christianity cannot be found in Scripture. We give altar calls, but Jesus didn’t; we tell people they have to go to church, but Jesus didn’t; we tell people things they have to do and stop doing to be able to follow Jesus, but He didn’t.

I’m firm in my thought that there is much more to the Kingdom of God than we have allowed to “meet out eyes”.

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