Right now I’m reading the book Creativity by Mathew Fox. I bought it because of the “people who bought this book also bought this” from Amazon. I know it’s just a way to make more sales – and they did with me – but it looked like a book I would like and I bought it. I’m about half way through and had to make a comment on it.

My big thing right now is Influence – our use and misuse of it – even when we aren’t aware of it. 2008 for me seems to be laying out like a year where I hope to utilize some of the information and knowlege I have gathered over the past few years about the subject.

I’ve discussed the idea of a few books with a publisher and hopefully, either with them or with others a book could be on the way. Hoowever, this book, Creativity, is a unique one. The quotes in the book come from a wide variety and the ideas are very creative – pardone the pun. I like to think outside the normal quadrant and sometimes it gets me in trouble. In this book you’ll find commentary from Thomas A’Quinas to Buddah.

In short I am loving it.

It is provoking me to think more about the idea of truth and the Spirit of Creativity and our responsibility than ever before. As far as Influence is concerned – to not use our influence to utilize out God-given creativity in the world is a sever misuse of our current place in creation.

Can’t wait to finish and see where this takes me.

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