who did Jesus love?


When we talk about Jesus and His relationship with His disciples we often mention that John was the disciple Jesus loved. I think we forget that it was John who was writing those words to begin with and the relationship events that we find in scripture between Jesus and the other disciples.

When we think of Peter we think of an abrupt sometimes rude fellow who puts his foot in his mouth, but I would like us to reconsider. One of the best parts of the Gospels is found in Matthew chapter 16. Jesus goes to His disciples and askes them who people say He is.  Jesus gets positively ecstatic congratulating Peter on knowing “who He is”.

After that Jesus begins to talk to the disciples about His death. I love what happens in verse 22. Peter pulls Jesus aside and basically gets on His case. Look past the conversation that ends with “Get behind me Satan”, and see the unique relationship they both have. Peter feels comfortable enough to speak plainly to the guy that a few moments earlier he has designated as “the Christ, the Son of the living God”.

I am so thankful that Jesus allows Peter in to His “space”. Jesus is not abrasive, but He responds with the same amount of relationship as Peter. The great thing about this interchange is that Jesus doesn’t close Peter off. In fact, He uses Peter to explain the purpose for his death.

All this before the transfiguration.  

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