Pop What?

Yesterday we began a series I have been looking forward to for a long time. Eight weeks covering every conceivable aspect of popular culture. In this first week we launched the series by asking the question, “What is pop culture?” and “Why talk about pop culture?”

These are significant questions simply because most churches do not speak about culturally relevant ideas except to point out what they are against. Thankfully there is a trend in some churches to engage themselves within the community and, together with their neighbors, ask the questions on the minds of everyone – not just “church-goers”.

Each time I look at the Gospels I am amazed at how little Jesus had to do with the religious elite of His time. Clearly, their opinions were solidified and they believed their actions to be right. Jesus knew that a change of heart would have to come from more than words – even if the words were spoken by the God they professed to serve.

The multifaceted nature of God can be seen each day as we drive by the myriad of churches that line our streets. Each one different and unique. Each one reaching a population who needs to embrace the love of Christ.

We embrace popular culture not because we condone it, but because Christ came to redeem it! 

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