The Shack


O my God what a book! Our Director of Operations here at Lifepoint gave me this book a couple of moths ago. At first I just couldn’t get into it, but a few days ago I felt like I needed to give it another shot. In two days I had finished and the way the book personifies God and Christ and the Holy Spirit is truly amazing. The feeling and emotions that came up during the reading of The Shack gave me a sense that I was reading some of my own story. Through a tragic set of circumstances an adventurous, well-traveled God emerged. In the end the concept of God and the godhead go through a singularly remarkable transformation in the psyche of the reader. A transfer takes place and into the shack you go. Along with you go all the preconceptions of who and what God is. Once ready for your journey home, each step taken is fresh and new, a symbolic gesture of a new-found freedom and reality of a God who loves and loves well. You will feel yourself robbed of a moment worth remembrance if you awaken in the future having not read The Shack.

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